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With an unprecedented legacy spanning 48 remarkable years in the radio waves, Norm is back to captivate your curiosity and ignite your intellect through this enthralling podcast. Uploaded five days a week, "Just Wondering" is your daily dose of inspiration, insight, and interaction.

Join Norm and his illustrious guests for engaging interviews that offer an intimate glimpse into the minds of the movers and shakers across diverse fields.  


In a world inundated with information, "Just Wondering" is a refreshing oasis that celebrates the art of contemplation. Tune in to "Just Wondering" and unlock a treasure trove of ideas, stories, and musings that invigorate your mind and remind you of the boundless wonders that surround us.

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Meet the Team

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Legendary TalkShow Host

Mary Hitzges


Norm Hitzges


Mark "Friedo" Friedman


Zach Danz
Executive Producer

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